The cosmetics industry reinvents itself

One of the premises that manages to increase the sales of any cosmetic is that it must be made with 100% natural products. But how to extend the shelf life of a product without preservatives? Beauty companies have discovered that cosmetic jars made with violet glass can block the harmful effects of light. This makes it possible to produce skin creams or makeup with natural ingredients and without using dangerous preservatives, which can cause allergies in some people. It is the same technology used by the pharmaceutical companies when it includes a pipette dropper made with this glass. In addition, the violet glass looks black at the beginning, which gives a touch of exclusivity to the cosmetic products. It is common to come across these cosmetics on the shelves of pharmacies or beauty stores.

Creating awareness in your customers

The cosmetics industry has been criticized for advertising focused on people who only care about looking good and nothing else. This has been changing, giving way to new and better ways of showing cosmetic products. Instead of targeting an exclusive audience, cosmetics companies are opening their horizons to people from all walks of life. Who doesn’t want to look good? Thanks to crystal violet, cosmetics are more affordable and therefore accessible to a wide variety of people. In fact, it is common to come across advertising campaigns in which the model can be a person who looks like anyone else. Cosmetics companies are creating the image that everyone can use their products. In addition, campaigns have been created to reduce the incidence of racist elements that affect society.

For a healthier planet

Companies in the world are focusing their efforts on demonstrating that their products or services are friendly to the planet. The cosmetics industry has moved from using plastic containers, whose manufacture and recycling generate pollution, to using glass containers that can be reused or recycled without causing negative impacts on the environment. In this way, each person can decide whether to reuse the container once the skin cream has been used up, or place it in the glass recycling container. Some countries have taken a step forward and can redirect used containers to the companies that manufacture those products. In this way, it is easier, cheaper, and less harmful to the planet to manufacture products. Looking good and protecting the planet is possible. Next time you go shopping for a cosmetic product, make sure it is made without preservatives and with recyclable and reusable glass.

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