Magento 2 GDPR: Anonymization of order data

GDPR compliance for your store with a single extension!! Magento 2 GDPR addon automates GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance for your Magento 2 store. This module provides cookie notification, full customer data export, customer data deletion, and anonymization of your store’s sales data.

GDPR Extension for Magento 2 Promotes Individual Rights

Compatible with Magento 2 community and Adobe Commerce 2.1 – 2.4.x

The extension will include all of the necessary tools and capabilities to assist your store in meeting GDPR (general data protection regulation) compliance. It provides cookie compliance, a full set of client data export and deletion, as well as transaction data anonymization.

Protect Your Data: Magento 2 GDPR Extension

Running a safe and secure online store may be a breeze. We can assist you if you need a quick solution to secure data security on your online store.

GDPR Extension for Magento 2: Everything You Need to Know

Use the GDPR extension for Magento 2 built by expert developers to anonymize sales on your online store. You can begin applying all data regulations to keep your clients’ data safe with a full overview of the functioning and essential features.

Magento 2 GDPR

Why Do You Need GDPR?

GDPR refers to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which was enacted in 2018. This thorough collection of guidelines governs how all businesses in the EU use, process, and keep customer data. The GDPR Act is divided into three major modules, which are as follows:

  • Right to Information: Inform your consumers about how their data will be used.
  • Right to Forgotten: Allow customers to erase all of their personal information from your company’s database.
  • Right of Access: Customers should have comprehensive access to see what data is collected and how it is acquired.

GDPR implementation in your store is critical since it allows businesses to have a clear data-gathering policy. Furthermore, your consumers will feel secure when inputting their personal information on your website. GDPR compliance can not only increase your sales revenue, but it can also help you establish a reputable brand image with your target audience.

What is Magento 2 GDPR Extension?

Because Magento 2 does not provide full GDPR compliance on its own, businesses may find it challenging to manually enable these options. Fortunately, you can use Scommerce Mage’s Magento 2 GDPR Extension. You can easily make your store GDPR-compliant with a single extension. The Magento 2 GDPR addon can help your online store in the following ways:

  1. Obtain GDPR Compliance
  2. Add and Show Cookie Policies
  3. Users should be able to delete their accounts.
  4. Allow users to delete all Orders Data
  5. Add an Unsubscribe Link to Newsletters
  6. Business Terms and Privacy Policies should be communicated.

GDPR Extension for Magento 2: Functionality

If you start using the Magento 2 GDPR extension on your store, then you can easily comply with all the regulations. Here’s how the Magento 2 GDPR modules are implemented using the FME extension:

Cookie Compliance:

Customers must be notified about your data-collecting policy, thus the GDPR extension assists you in creating a customized notification. This pop-up will appear as soon as a visitor visits your website, and they will have the option to allow or decline data gathering. If data collecting is required for your business, you can require customers to agree to the cookie collection policy before entering the site. Magento 2 GDPR Extension Cookie ConfigurationYou can customize the cookie notification with the FME GDPR addon to match the existing look of your site. There is no need to rewrite the backend code because the notification may be customized through the extension itself. You can save a customer’s acceptance or rejection of the cookie policy.

Privacy Policy:

Not every customer wants to receive emails and messages from a company. If you want to contact a consumer later, you must first obtain their permission. With the FME Magento 2 GDPR extension, you can automatically capture the subscription data and terms for each customer. You can request consent during a newsletter subscription, account registration, or throughout the checkout process. Administrators can regulate when the consent box appears on the screen and customize the privacy policy to their own needs.

Data Deletion:

All consumers should be able to delete their accounts from your company’s database. When our GDPR addon is enabled, the option to ‘destroy account’ will always be visible on the screen. When a consumer decides to deactivate their account, an automated confirmation email is sent to their registered email address. The email offers a link that allows the customer to permanently delete transaction data, orders, invoices, and shipment details. The GDPR addon for FMEextensions additionally enables automatic data destruction after a specified retention term. This ensures that your company is GDPR compliant even if you forget to erase client data manually. Concerning Configuration Options”My Magento 2 online store does not automatically delete customer data.” “How will this extension benefit me?” To address this issue, you can enable our GDPR plugin, which automatically anonymizes all customer data in the database after a set period of time. You may also enable the option to send a deletion link to the customer’s email address for two-factor authentication.

Give Customers Data Portability:

Customers can contact the site administrator to have all user-related data from the website exported. It is simple to export user data from the Magento admin area with our GDPR extension. Customers can export their data from the database with a single click, including their addresses, orders, payments, and subscriptions.

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