Is It Better To Get Your teeth cleaning Professionally Whitened?

Confused about teeth cleaning vs teeth whitening? Teeth whitening has become the most common cosmetic procedure in modern-age dentistry due to the importance of having a radiant smile.

How white your teeth will be depends on the whitening procedure you select. While at-home touch-ups might be effective, there are seven good reasons to choose a professional whitening service.

Teeth Cleaning vs Teeth Whitening – Why It’s Better 

Improve Your Appearance

When you get your teeth whitened, people notice and respond differently to your improved appearance. Researchers have shown that individuals see whiter teeth as more attractive and that they attribute higher levels of intelligence, friendliness, and sociability to those who have them. The most effective method for getting whiter teeth is to have them whitened by a professional.

Boost Your Confidence

Most people who whiten their teeth do it because they want to feel better about themselves and their appearance. 

There’s no denying that the color of your teeth greatly influences your social interactions. You can make a more positive impression in social situations, such as job interviews or first dates, thanks to the level of whitening that can be accomplished with expert treatment.

Look Younger

As time goes on, the pulp at the center of your teeth darkens naturally, and stains build up, causing your teeth to become darker. 

Subtle tooth discoloration can be caused by the presence of colored pigments in beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco products. 

Carbonated drinks and other acidic meals and drinks can eat away at tooth enamel, making it easier for discoloration to penetrate teeth.

Achieve Superior Results In An hour

Taking dental services or whitening your teeth professionally in an office setting yields far superior results than what you can get with over-the-counter items used at home. 

Compared to store-bought whitening products, the one I use is far more concentrated. 

This means that in just one hour, your teeth will appear eight shades lighter. In contrast, a one- or two-shade improvement in tooth color can be achieved with home treatments, but only after weeks or months of regular use.

Put The Finishing Touch On Newly Straightened Teeth

Once your braces have been in for at least a year or two, the day has come to have them removed and reveal your beautiful smile.

However, you may have noticed a discoloration where the braces had gotten in the way of your teeth’s natural cleaning. Whitening your teeth to complete your beautiful new smile is the most uplifting thing you can do for yourself.

Protect Your Teeth With Affordable Dental Nashville 

A dental exam is the best way to make sure that professional teeth whitening will not harm your teeth. In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages, this assessment is vital for revealing any possible hazards. 

In the case of teeth with cavities or fissures, the whitening gel could reach the sensitive nerves within the teeth, making the process unsafe. 

If you want to whiten your teeth safely and effectively while protecting your teeth, you should see a dentist.

Prevent Gum Irritation With Professional Whitening

Whitening your teeth professionally might help you avoid painful gums. The one-size-fits-all strips and trays sold at the shop can’t compare to the individualized care that comes with professional teeth whitenng. 

In order to ensure you can whiten your teeth comfortably and with minimal discomfort, professional teeth whitening uses special active ingredients that go straight to your teeth, avoiding sensitive tissues and irritation.


Which one is better: teeth cleaning vs teeth whitening? We are sure you got the answer, as professional teeth whitening provides unrivaled skill, safety, and effectiveness. 

Dental professionals’ expertise assures ideal outcomes, meeting individual demands for a bright and long-lasting smile. 

While there are at-home alternatives, the knowledge of a dental professional provides a degree of care and customization that exceeds the convenience of over-the-counter remedies. 

Investing in professional teeth whitening not only improves the appearance of your smile but also provides a safe and personalized approach, providing you with the confidence of a brighter, healthier, and professionally brightened smile.

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Q1: Which works best in teeth cleaning vs teeth whitening?

A1: Professional teeth whitening performed by dental experts is more successful due to increased whitening agent concentrations and tailored application, assuring optimal results.

Q2: How long does it take for a professional teeth whitening treatment?

A2: The length of a professional teeth whitening treatment varies, but on average, it lasts roughly 1 to 2 hours and provides efficient and immediate effects in a single visit.

Q3: Are there any risks or negative effects to professional tooth whitening?

A3: While there may be some transient irritation, professional teeth whitening is generally safe. For a comfortable encounter, dental experts make efforts to reduce hazards and personalize treatments to individual needs.

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