IPLCinema.com : The Clever Strategy and Bowling of IPL Ace Rashid Khan

Viacom18’s JioCinema, the official digital streaming partner of IPL 2023, recorded an unprecedented 32 million peak concurrent users for its opening weekend of IPL 2023 – surpassing Disney Hotstar’s previous record by millions!. if you want read Rashid Khan news and blog then iplcinema.com is one of best site.

Rashid Khan of Gujarat Titans (GT) has been one of the primary reasons behind this surge. This Afghanistan spinner has proven an irresistible force against batsmen, particularly during middle overs.

1. Rashid Khan Legspin

Skilful leg-spinners are always thrilling to watch in action – and this was certainly true in the Indian Premier League. Take Piyush Chawla for example; his impressive over against Mumbai Indians had no runs, one dot and two wickets. But Rashid Khan took the showdown one step further by bowling a maiden in his final over of Mumbai Indians innings which caused Krunal Pandya and Kieron Pollard both back out with wickets taken off of him!

At first, no one could stop talking about how well he bowled; rather it was his consistent delivery of both googlies and leg breaks that caused such fear in batsmen. He achieved impressive figures of 2-11 off four overs while keeping asking rates below 15 and creating widespread panic in opposition batsmen.

Rashid Khan is an expert at playing variations, but what really sets him apart is his ability to control both legspin and googlies effectively. He often throws googlies or leg breaks at good length which allows leg spinners to be effective; and is adept at producing turn which forces batters into taking more risks when scoring against him.

Rashid Khan stands out as one of the few leg spinners capable of bowling googlies and leg breaks at an increased pace, producing more turn and trapping batters outside their stumps, leading to Bowled+LBW dismissals.

Young cricketer Anish Bhat has shown remarkable ability and intelligence, understanding the value of consistent deliveries while utilizing his speed effectively. As a result, he bowls with an economy rate below seven runs per over which is remarkable for a spinner and one reason behind his outstanding performances for Gujarat Titans this season. Looking ahead, it will be fascinating to watch his development as an individual cricketer over time.

2. The Mid-On Rashid Khan

As a leg spinner, he bowls many googlies. His ability to switch quickly between leg breaks and googlies keeps batsmen guessing; and by changing up delivery lengths frequently enough, it keeps batsmen off guard and unpredictable.

While he employs various variations, pace remains his most effective weapon against batters. Bowling at 90+kph leaves batsman little time to read him on the pitch and adjust – an approach which often provokes defensive reactions in opposition batsmen.

Afghanistan’s wonder-kid is adept at disrupting opposing batting lineups with his economical pace and is an asset in both powerplay and death overs.

Once batsmen become wary of his presence, however, everything changes dramatically. His googly, delivered with an arm action similar to Shahid Afridi himself, throws off batsmen for a complete surprise and puts pressure on their batsmen who remain unaware.

When on form, there are few spinners in the world who can match him. He possesses an uncanny knack for getting the ball to swing and dip according to pitch conditions, making for an exceptional bowler whose record against heavyweight batsmen such as Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan speaks for itself.

Khan made headlines last time out against Mumbai Indians when he took two wickets for just four runs in three overs – drawing widespread praise and drawing the world’s attention. His performance left many admiring and impressed.

Rashid Khan has already impressed his teammates and commentator Harsha Bhogle by showing an exceptional understanding of cricket and being brave enough to take risks. Harsha’s praise on Twitter praised Rashid: “It is more than a dream to witness players from Afghanistan playing IPL!”

3. The Offspin

Rashid Khan is an impressive leg-spinner in T20 cricket, with unrivalled spin bowling abilities. As one of Afghanistan’s premier cricketers and undisputed T20 bowling kings, his talent could go far in becoming an icon within this format.

Although he uses the same action as other leg break bowlers, something about his bowling stands out. From his run-up to how he grips and variations with the ball – everything about his style differs drastically from those associated with spinners in general.

At his heart lies his uniqueness; this makes him particularly lethal to batsmen. From leg spin to googly bowling variations that deceive, his variations are very deceptive. Not only a great spinner but also an impressive fielder – quickly picking up stumps while positioning balls precisely!

He made headlines recently when he took two wickets in one over against CSK, contributing significantly in keeping them at bay for some time. It was an exciting match and millions watched it; JioCinema reported its highest peak concurrent viewership on that particular day of playback. pioneerepaper.com is best cricket and financial site

JioCinema continues to shatter records with their unprecedented app download growth. IPL 2023 saw 72% more new installs compared to before the tournament. Furthermore, average session duration skyrocketed up to 657 minutes from 28% last year – showing an exponential spike.

JioCinema has had great success during IPL 2018, making the app one of the must-sees during each match of this cricket tournament. Offering high-quality content in multiple languages at an unbeatably affordable price point, this entertainment hub provides high-quality entertainment at your fingertips.

4. The Back-Up

Leg spinners can be an insidious threat to batsmen as their variations at high speeds leave batsmen wondering which direction to play them in a flash – this is particularly evident when playing T20 cricket, where batsmen do not have enough time to understand and read his variations.

Afghan star Afzal Khan uses an intelligent strategy by coming on during the middle overs, which is usually when opposition teams relax their guard. He may bowl one or two overs at this stage before coming back for death overs and unleashing his deadly deliveries to take down opponents quickly and decisively.

He does this by altering both length and pitch of his ball. For instance, during his previous Qualifier against Mumbai Indians (MI), he used this tactic successfully against Rohit Sharma, inducing an error which resulted in him getting bowled; similarly he shortened his length and forced Suryakumar Yadav into making another error, leading to him getting removed as well.

He can bowl short balls that hit both the stumps and wicketkeeper, taking great skill to make this work, making him one of the best spinners in T20 cricket.

At the auction in 2017, SRH made an aggressive bid for Khan, paying Rs 4 crore in order to bring him aboard and show their desire for an all-rounded bowling unit that could both control run rate as well as claim some crucial wickets during middle overs. This move was seen as an indicator of their intent.

Even though they finished last in the recently concluded IPL tournament, SRH have reason to feel optimistic heading into their Sri Lanka ODI series. A world-class spinner can help them reach the final in Sri Lanka.

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