Disadvantages of The Internet in Real Life

The internet, without a doubt, has allowed us to explore life in a very different way. Where once, you had to wait for the 9 PM news bulletin, today, you have every breaking news update at your fingertips.

In addition, the internet has also given us the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones who are in different parts of the world. There are various apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, that can be used to communicate with anyone and everyone who has an internet connection.

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Just like everything else, even the internet has its own disadvantages. Although the internet has brought many positive changes to the world, it has also brought negativity. If you are a parent, we understand how perplexing it feels when your child starts exploring the World Wide Web.

However, there are ways you can combat these fears. But, first, you need to know and understand the disadvantages of the internet. Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing the key disadvantages of the internet in real life.

Lack of Focus

Let’s face it. The internet is extremely easy to use. There’s nothing complex about it, and this can be seen from the fact that both toddlers and aged people use the internet in the same way as young adults.

This is one of the main reasons why people, especially today’s younger generation, are no longer as focused. Everyone is on social media. When a kid returns from school, the first thing he does is open his social media accounts.

In fact, many of them bring their smartphones to school, when this was something impossible back in the day. There wasn’t even a thing called a smartphone. People are no longer focused on social or professional settings, and this has a great impact on their personalities.

If you have children at home, it’s important that you allocate internet time, whether it’s a few times in the day or just a couple of hours. This will allow your child to explore the many different ways to keep themselves busy and occupied

Moreover, when you are with your family and friends, it’s the best way to get a break from the online world. Knowing when to detach yourself from the internet, will also allow you to have a better level of focus when you are at work.

Internet Addiction



In all seriousness, internet addiction is a real thing. You might not even have realized that you are addicted to the internet. Addiction is simple. You find yourself unable to carry on with your day without using the internet. In fact, you probably feel lost without going online at least two to three times a day.

Do you find yourself opening your Instagram after every few minutes, even though you just opened it a few minutes back? This is a clear sign that you are addicted to the internets. Now, we agree that the internets allows us to stay up-to-date and know what’s happening around the world, but you are not going to have breaking news after a few minutes.

Moreover, even the youth today cannot survive without the internet. Whether it’s for their assignments or video calls, they need the internet. The best way to reduce your internet usage is to indulge yourself in other activities, such as reading a book, going out for a stroll, catching a movie with your friends, or just sleeping in early.

Cyberbullying and Trolls

Just like internet addiction, cyberbullying and trolls are getting more and more common. Sure, the internet is great, and it feeds us so much information, but it can also be an unsafe place, especially for children.

For instance, how can you ever tell if your child is a victim of cyberbullying? Do they share too much information about themselves on the internet? When you share a tad bit too much with the online world, anyone can use that information against you.

In addition, cyberbullying can also lead to identity theft. There are many predators online waiting for the right victim at the right time. It is important to educate your child about the consequences of sharing their personal information online or even making fun of someone online.

It is all the more for you to also restrain from sharing sensitive things online, and also monitor who is on your social media accounts and what your child does online.

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All in All

We have shared the three key disadvantages of the internets and how you can combat them. Although the internets is a scary and somewhat unsafe place, if used carefully, it’s a great medium for us to learn and explore different opportunities.

Anything that is used in excess, will backfire at some point. Therefore, it’s important to set limits on your internet usage.


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