All Skirmisher Legends In Apex Legends, Ranked

With these Skirmisher Legends, you can jump over barriers, fly past your enemies, and leave them in the dust.

Get your tools ready, sharpen your blades, and get ready to fight. In the world of Apex Legends, the battle royale is all about who can stay alive the longest, and the best way to beat your opponents is to be as quick and smart as a cat or fox. Skirmisher Legends is the name of the game we’re talking about.

These underground warfare experts can sneak into a fight and get out of it before you can say “Wraith, where did you go?” But which of these hard-to-catch fighters is the best? We ranked Skirmisher Legends based on their skills, how they fight, and how awesome they are overall. So, put on your armor and gear, and let’s see who the real Skirmisher winner is.

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