8 Best Ghost Shells In Destiny 2, Ranked

For the Little Light to look good in Destiny 2, there can only be a great selection of the best Ghost Shells.

Destiny 2 gives players a lot of ways to change how their character looks. From their class, subclass, weapons, and the gear they can change into. But one important part of this customization may be missed in Destiny 2. As the value of the Ghost should never be downplayed. Guardians get their powers from the Light inside the Ghosts. Giving this Little Light a fancy new Ghost Shell shows how much you love them.

Destiny 2 players can choose from more than 20 Seasons of Ghost Shells to find the best Ghost Shell to give to their Ghost. Some of them are great because they are funny, while others are great because they just look cool. There are so many Ghost Shells to enjoy in Destiny 2 that it’s hard to say which ones are the best.

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