8 Questions Starfield Never Answered

Starfield asks questions and leaves many riddles unsolved on purpose, which gives the game’s world a sense of realism and depth.

For some reason, Starfield is a game that asks a lot of questions and doesn’t answer many of them. Why should a virtual world be any different from the real one? People don’t understand a lot of things in the real one. Many science fiction shows are very deep in their own mythology. Starfield is different because it doesn’t explain as much, which has its own problems.

While some of these are open-ended, which means Bethesda can add to unsolved riddles in future DLCs, others feel like oversights or holes left by content that wasn’t included, making the game feel a little less full than you’d like. Here are some questions we still have for Starfield, ranging from how the world came to be to why snake-worshiping governments are going away.

What Happened To Sebastian Banks?

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Constellation is not as old as it seems, even though many people in the game respect the group of explorers and scientists. The faction was started by Sebastian Banks 55 years before the game’s setting in 2330, but its first Chair left without a trace only eight years later.

Walter Stroud, who is Banks’s biggest fan, will tell you that no one knows where the mysterious explorer went. This news seems to hint at something for the main character. Do you think Banks could be Starborn like you? Did they catch him or even kill him? Constellation was made to find out more about the galaxy’s secrets, but its founder’s whereabouts are still a mystery after almost 50 years. Since Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC is coming out soon, we can only hope that it will explain where the group founder went.

Who Was The Pilgrim?

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You’ll meet a lot of Starborn on your way to the Unity, but not many of them have interesting personalities. You can find the writings of an older Starborn named The Pilgrim next to those of The Hunter and The Emissary. These writings show that they found a basic universal truth and shared it through stories with the three main religions of the Settled Systems, hiding part of a code in each.

You can learn that the Pilgrim went into seclusion after failing to teach others about his finds by reading his writings and visiting the place where he is buried. In the end, they also felt bad about this. Keeper Aquilus of the Sanctum Universum is a proven Starborn who figures out the clues in the three stories. Could a different version of him have been The Pilgrim and a different version could have been The Hunter?

Where Did The ECS Constant End Up?

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The ECS Constant can be found in orbit of Porrima II, which is home to the famous resort Paradiso. This is one of the most memorable side quests in Starfield. The ship has the children and grandchildren of a group of people who left Earth 190 years ago because they thought it would end, but before the grav drive was a real idea.

As a way to help the innocent people on the ship get along with the greedy board members of Paradiso, kind explorers will give the settlers their own money to buy a grav drive, which will let them settle on any of the game’s many worlds. After this, you’ll get a new task called “Location of the UCS Constant.” However, going there will only send you back to Porrima II’s orbit. What happened to the group that was left alone? We both think you’re right.

Who Built The Temples?

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The very first thing that probably came to your mind when you saw the first Starfield Temple was who built those huge buildings whose innards defy gravity and give you powers for finding them. Some people like clear answers, though, so Starfield might not be the right game for you.

The short and easy answer right now is that we don’t really know. We know that The Creators made the Artifacts, the Armillary, the Temples, and The Unity, but we don’t know who or what they are. Who made it? Could it be aliens, robots with superintelligence, or, in a strange twist, Bethesda Game Studios? This is the only question Starfield has left us with that we might not be meant to understand.

Where Are House Va’Ruun?

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The snake-worshiping House Va’Ruun is one of the most important groups in Starfield. They are a third galactic government that fought a 23-year holy war against the other Settled Systems before the game’s events. They later sued for peace after Jinan Va’Ruun, their founder, died and his son took over as leader.

Even though they were the third group to sign the Armistice ending the Colony War, the House left the settled systems when the war was over and went back to their home, Dazra, on the planet Va’ruun’kai. The names of their city and planet are known, but not the name of the system that houses them. This means that the secretive, cult-like government will probably be explored more in Shattered Space or a future update.

Do Your Choices Matter?

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What you choose to do during your journey is one of the most important parts of Starfield as a role-playing game. Because of this, choices like which characters to save, which groups to side with. And who to date will shape a story that should feel unique to each player. In spite of this, the game ends with you leaving the life you’ve built for yourself to become Starborn in a new universe.

While Bethesda makes this seem like a costly choice by sending you to a new universe by yourself. They also make it seem like none of your choices have mattered by letting you finally take every path they give you. This makes sense, since being Starborn makes you feel alone. But the game doesn’t go into enough philosophical depth with the extra conversation or features you choose. So you’ll feel bored instead of like a lonely god.

Where Are All The Other Starborn?

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The presence of Starborn in each world is another part of Penalty Kick Online that feels unfinished. You’ll have already beaten a lot of enemies while visiting Temples. So these unnamed attackers won’t feel much different from the rest of the enemies in the game. You will face a lot more difficult Starborn enemies on your way to fight The Hunter and/or The Emissary. These enemies are still enemies, not people with their own goals.

Are the guards you meet before you face the Hunter and the Emissary working for those two? Why do you think that is? If not, why do they just stand outside the Buried Temple? When Bethesda put so many universe-hopping, superpowered enemies into the game. It seems like they forgot to make almost all of them three-dimensional.

Why Is Every Universe Almost Exactly The Same?

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When the reality of the Unity becomes clear, members of Constellation will think about the thought of an infinite multiverse, which means that there are infinite possibilities. So why does each new world look so much like the last one you left? When you’re not in Constellation, where big changes can happen, nothing seems to change from one run to the next.

So, the different universes you visit feel formulaic and solid, and the differences feel like hidden treasures for serious explorers rather than parts of an endless universe full of possibilities. We naturally don’t expect too much difference between universes. Because of the technology, development time, and work that needs to be done. However, the fact that every new universe is exactly the same makes the multiverse less interesting and more of a chore to enter.

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