10 Best Planeswalkers In Magic: The Gathering

It only makes sense to show the best Planeswalkers to get a better look at the most powerful creatures in Magic: The Gathering.

In Magic: The Gathering, Planeswalkers are the most powerful mage cards. They were first released in the Lorwyn block as the newest card type. Planeswalkers are characters in the story of Magic: the Gathering. They can travel through the multiverse and guard or take over any plane they come across. This kind of plot device made it possible for truly memorable stories to take place on a certain level or across levels.

Planeswalkers added another important way for Magic to work in both MTG Arena and regular card games. This lets players see how powerful and game-changing these mage cards really are. Which Planeswalkers, though, have had a big impact on the state of Magic since they were first created? Following is a list of Magic: the Gathering‘s most well-known Planeswalkers:

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