10 Best 6-Cost Cards In Marvel Snap

When it comes to Marvel Snap cards with a cost of 6, the following ones are a must-have for almost every player’s deck.

Building decks around different ways to play is part of what makes Marvel Snap such a fun game. One way to figure out which deck a person is using is to pick cards with a cost of 6. Cards that cost 6 Energy usually have powerful powers that have a big impact on games and change the way the board looks.

In terms of flavor, 6-cost cards often have Marvel characters that are bigger than life to give them more weight when they are played. But which of the cards that you can get right now stands out the most? These are the best 6-cost Marvel Snap cards that every player should have in their deck. They range from huge powerhouses and real gods to bad guys and threats to the entire world.

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