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LED Strip Light Suppliers have gained great popularity in the recent past in the market for home and commercial use. Consequently, there are many suppliers in the market of antennas and accessories, and it is challenging to distinguish the most reliable and cost-effective ones. This article will discuss what to look for when choosing reliable LED Strip Lights suppliers


What are LED Strip Lights?


Components and Technology Behind LED Strips


LED strip lights are also popularly referred to as tape lights or flex strips and are strips of flexible circuit boards with small LEDs installed on them. They are affixed using an adhesive backing and require connection to a power supply, into which high voltage AC is passed through to produce low voltage DC. This also enables LED tape lights to be connected successively to form a longer series or string of lights.


Key components that make up LED strip light systems:Key components that make up LED strip light systems:


– LEDs – minute lamps placed in close proximity to each other along the surface of the tape to obtain a continuous light emission. Innovative LED chips deliver higher lumen and have long-operating life.

– Circuit Board – the thin, flat plastic substrate that contains circuits and tracks to control the flow of electricity to the LEDs. They also provide flexibility of the wrapping strips to fit various areas or gaps.

– Driver – this circuit regulates the supply voltage from a high voltage AC which is preferred in LED tape lights to the lower voltage DC needed for the lights. The lack of a proper voltage regulator means that voltage that is fed through a given power supply is not stable and may periodically rise to potentially dangerous levels.

– Adhesive backing – It is used to attach and make the strips stick firmly on the installation surfaces. Non-slippery, water-resistant and one that does not leave a sticky or tar like residue behind when removed are preferable with strong 3M adhesives being preferable.


Benefits of Using LED Tape Lighting


Compared to traditional lighting, LED strip lights offer outstanding advantages:Compared to traditional lighting, LED strip lights offer outstanding advantages:


– Energy efficiency – use 80% less energy than halogen and incandescent lighting.

– Long life spans – the light bulbs have a much longer life expectancy of between 35000 to 50000 hours as compared to normal bulbs.

– Versatile – thin flexible strips can be easily installed in almost every place you want.

– Reliability: longer lifespan as opposed to lights with fragile filaments or glass bulbs. Some of the key attributes of a good material to be used for manufacture of terminal blocks include: Withstands vibrations and other mechanical shocks.  

– Clean light – LEDS can be placed densely to provide uniform and direct light without any shadows or visible LED points.  

– Low heat emission – for safety when using the equipment and to avoid causing harm to the surfaces on which the equipment is mounted.

– Eco-friendly – unlike other portable lighting devices that use toxic materials such as mercury.


What to Look for in LED Strip Light Suppliers


Indicators of Reliable LED Strip Brands  


As production costs reduced overseas, many low quality LED tape light kits of doubtful reliability are available in the markets. Here are key indicators to identify trusted suppliers:Here are key indicators to identify trusted suppliers:


This is further enhanced by the credible Quality Control and Testing procedures in place to meet the consumer’s standards.


High-quality LED strip brands aim at the product to adhere to well-recognized global regulatory measures of safety, luminescence, and efficacy. A big chunk of their testing is dedicated to substantiating claims of performance or product longevity.


Specialized Expertise  


Admirable vendors deal with LED tape lighting or connected smart lighting only, and they have been in business for more than five years. First, they follow current technological advancement and changes in regulatory systems around the world.


. Responsive Customer Support


Credible brands do not hesitate in taking pride in offering proper pre-sales /after- sales services. Both companies have huge LED tape lighting knowledge base and an active support team that is always willing to address clients’ complaints and provide details on lighting design.   


Positive Customer Reviews 


Quality oriented suppliers get glowing experiences as highlighted in customer testifying their experience in a certain brand. Such endorsements about the quality of the product, warranty, customer service and even the convenience of placing an order weigh more than any potential supplier’s claims on the website. 


Having reviewed potential LED strip light brands, aspects mentioned in this article can be used to ensure that one does not invest in low quality products and deal with con artists. Now the question is how the buyers can guarantee they are getting the best offers?


Getting the Most Value from LED Strip Light Suppliers  


The increase in competition in LED tape lighting market has led to low pricing with manufacturers willing to offer their products at lower prices to potential buyers. But how does a purchaser find out that a certain supplier is indeed making a genuine offer of affordability without compounding the problem with poor quality merchandise? Here are tips on finding outstanding value:Here are tips on finding outstanding value:


It is recommended that organizations from the automotive industry should place orders directly from specialized manufacturers.  


The buyer is able to purchase LED strip lighting components straight from the manufacturers thus eliminating the middlemen resellers through this way, the LED strip lighting is offered at factory price. Manufacturers who specialize in LED tape lights as a single product focus on bulk manufacturing, and hence acquire large-scale production industries. This enables them to be able to operate at economies of scale which enable them to provide very low and discounted prices to direct buyers.  


These essential strategies include:


Most of the LED lighting equipment are produced in Guangdong, China and Taiwan, regions that have prime electronics component manufacturing industries. Specific LED tape light brands originating from this area help to save on distribution costs hence providing increased affordability. They rely on strong relationships with the component suppliers and manufacturers who are in the immediate vicinity to manage quality and price levels.


Do Not Compromise on Product Quality in the name of Cutting Cost


That is why, the low prices for LED tape lighting that are offered in the market often refer to low quality products. There are a lot of options out there to get very affordable LED products from reputed manufacturers who can afford to install high quality LED chips, flexible circuit boards, efficient power supply systems and still conform to the safety standards during the manufacturing process. Purchasers should cross-check supplier product descriptions rather than taking the acquisition costs into consideration.


These guidelines on how to get the best deals and on how to filter which are the trusted brands of the lighting industry helps the LED strip light buyer to penetrate through the marketing techniques used by suppliers. By so doing, they can narrow down on manufacturers who offer extra-ordinary reliability coupled with very attractive and affordable prices. Buying top-notch LED tape lights ensures that there is efficiency in the usage of energy, brightness and durability that does not require constant maintenance hence no frequent replacements in future.

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