The Power: Miya’s Ultimate Build Miya Tersakit For Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Has Taken The Gaming World By Storm, Captivating Millions Of Players With Its Fast-Paced Action And Strategic Of Build Miya Tersakit Gameplay. Among The Roster Of Heroes, One Stands Out As A Favorite Among Fans – Miya, The Skilled Marksman Known For Her Deadly Precision And Devastating Attacks. In This Guide, We’ll Unveil Miya’s Ultimate Build For 2023, Inspired By The Top Global Players In MLBB.

Understanding Miya’s Role

Before Diving Into The Build, It’s Essential To Understand Miya’s Role Within The Game. As A Marksman, Miya Excels At Dealing High Amounts Of Sustained Damage From A Distance. Her Basic Attacks Are Her Primary Source Of Damage, Making Attack Speed And Critical Strike Chance Crucial Stats To Prioritize In Her Build. Additionally, As A Squishy Hero, Miya Relies On Positioning And Crowd Control Immunity To Stay Alive In Team Fights.

The Sickest Build For Miya

Based On The Playstyles Of The Top Global Miya Players In 2023, Here’s A Breakdown Of The Sickest Build Items For Maximizing Her Potential On The Battlefield:

Swift Boots: To Kick Off Miya’s Build, Swift Boots Are The Go-To Choice For Increasing Attack Speed. With Faster Attack Speed, Miya Can Unleash A Flurry Of Arrows Upon Her Enemies, Quickly Melting Their Health Bars.

Windtalker: Next Up Is Windtalker, A Core Item For Miya Due To Its Synergy With Her Passive Skill, Turbo. Windtalker Provides Additional Attack Speed And Movement Speed, Making Miya Even More Agile On The Battlefield. Its Unique Passive, Typhoon, Also Adds Extra Damage To Her Basic Attacks, Allowing Her To Hit Multiple Enemies At Once.

Berserker’s Fury: As A Marksman, Critical Strikes Are Essential For Maximizing Damage Output, And Berserker’s Fury Delivers Exactly That. With Increased Critical Strike Chance And Damage, Miya’s Basic Attacks Become Even Deadlier, Shredding Through Enemy Defenses With Ease.

Scarlet Phantom: Another Critical Strike Item, Scarlet Phantom Further Enhances Miya’s Ability To Land Devastating Crits. Its Unique Passive, Frenzy, Increases Attack Speed And Critical Strike Chance With Each Consecutive Hit, Ensuring That Miya Remains A Constant Threat In Team Fights.

Blade Of Despair: When It Comes To Raw Damage, Few Items Rival Blade Of Despair. With A Hefty Boost To Attack Damage, As Well As An Additional Bonus Against Low-Health Enemies, Blade Of Despair Allows Miya To Finish Off Weakened Foes With Brutal Efficiency.

Queen’s Wings: To Round Out Her Build, Queen’s Wings Provides Miya With Much-Needed Survivability In Team Fights. Its Passive, Demonize, Grants Her A Shield And Increased Lifesteal When Her Health Falls Below A Certain Threshold, Allowing Her To Sustain Herself Longer In Battles And Turn The Tide In Her Team’s Favor.

Playstyle And Tips

With Miya’s Ultimate Build In Hand, It’s Time To Take To The Battlefield And Unleash Her Full Potential. Here Are Some Playstyle Tips To Maximize Her Effectiveness:

Positioning: As A Squishy Marksman, Positioning Is Key For Miya. Stay Behind Your Tanks And Fighters, Positioning Yourself Safely While Still Within Range To Attack Enemies.

Target Priority: Focus On Targeting Enemy Carries And Squishy Heroes First. Your High Damage Output Can Quickly Eliminate Them From The Fight, Tipping The Scales In Your Team’s Favor.

Awareness: Keep An Eye On The Minimap And Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings. Map Awareness Is Crucial For Avoiding Ganks And Knowing When To Join Team Fights.

Farm Efficiently: Farming Is Essential For A Marksman Like Miya To Scale Into The Late Game. Prioritize Farming Minions And Jungle Monsters To Quickly Build Up Your Items And Power Spikes.

Use Ult Wisely: Miya’s Ultimate, Turbo, Provides Her With Crowd Control Immunity And Increased Attack Speed. Use It Strategically To Escape Sticky Situations Or To Secure Kills In Team Fights.


With The Ultimate Build For Miya In 2023 And Some Expert Tips In Your Arsenal, You’re Ready To Dominate The Battlefield In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Remember To Practice, Stay Adaptable, And Most Importantly, Have Fun As You Unleash The Power Of Miya, The Deadly Marksman With A Loyal Fanbase In The World Of MLBB.

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