Teeth Grinding’s Effect On Sleep Habits

Grinding your teeth is a major factor in the quality and consistency of your sleep. Unfortunately, Advanced Orthodontic Center it’s a tough habit to stop, especially when it becomes a subconscious behavior. Here are a few key tips to improve that habit and get back on track with consistent sleep habits.

Why am I grinding my teeth?

There are a ton of reasons you may be grinding your teeth more, and out of habit, it easily could have become a persistent impact on your daily routine. Leading causes for teeth grinding are:

  • Stress and anxiety- a clear-cut cause of teeth grinding. Stress factors are tough to deal with in general, and they’ll easily roll over into your sleep habits. A strong route to avoid these is to implement an hour of relaxation into your routine before bed.

  • Lack of exercise- exercise may come as a surprise to you. Exercise and staying active allow your body to settle and relax more frequently. Without it, you may have cooped up energy and struggle to release it. Getting on a consistent workout routine improves both your overall health and your sleep habits a great deal.

  • Chewing incessantly- this is for those who find themselves chewing on everything. Whether it’s a tick or just a habit you developed to deal with stress, the results are never good. This forces your mouth’s muscles to get in the habit of chewing without cause. You need to be careful with how what you chew affects the health of your teeth as well.

How the health of your teeth is impacted

Most often, damage incurred from grinding will only have minor damage on the teeth. However, in more serious cases, you will see teeth be worn down heavily, teeth being fractured, or losing them completely. You want to avoid this at all costs. Your mouth will struggle to stay healthy when teeth are missing or being compensated for when damaged.

Additionally, it’ll become costly down the road. Root canals and implants become extremely common, and dentures may even need to be added to your daily health care.

Mouthguard solutions

Mouthguards are a simple solution to lower the rate at which you grind your teeth. They are not a perfect solution to eliminate the habit, but they minimize the damage results at an affordable cost.

Overall, maintaining a healthy mouth is difficult when you grind your teeth, and it’s a tough habit to break. Give us a call today to learn more about our dental services and how our mouthguards and other services can improve your oral health today!

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