How To Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Now that you have your teeth fixed and that beautiful smile. Knowing how to take care of your dental implants will ensure they last for the rest of your life. Taking care of your dental implants is similar to caring for your natural teeth. The only difference is a few extra tips discussed below.

Use Proxy Brushes, Tufted Floss, and Floss Thread

Maintaining your dental implants can be tricky, especially if you have hard-to-reach areas. Using the following oral hygiene aids will assist you.

Proxy Brush

Proxy brushes resemble a tufted, tapered brush. They come on little handles as well as larger toothbrush-style handles. The proxy brush is helpful when brushing places such as gaps below a permanent prosthesis where you have more space between your gum and the implant. Proxy brushes are useful where the regular toothbrush cannot reach.

Tufted Floss

Compared to a standard floss, tufted floss is thicker and has a stiff end that makes it easy to move through your mouth. Tufted floss is ideal for cleaning between teeth, under all -on-4 implants, and below the bridges.

Floss Thread

Floss threaders resemble slender, big plastic needles. They’re used to moving floss below areas like an All-on-4 appliance or fixed bridges. They assist you in reaching those surfaces even if you can’t slide the floss around your teeth.

Scheduling Dental Cleanings by a Professional

Dental implant care should also include regular protective dental cleanings. You should schedule a checkup every six months, regardless of the number of dental implants. Professional cleaning of dental implants should be ongoing to avoid tartar and stains from accumulating on them.

Taking care of your dental implants is important to ensure they last a lifetime. Cleaning your implants at home will assist. However, scheduling an appointment with the hygienist will provide thorough and professional cleaning of your dental implants without damaging the soft tissue and surface around them.

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