How To Choose An Assisted Living Facility

Faced with the variety of concepts, choosing a senior residence cannot be improvised. Below are all the keys to selecting the ideal residence in peace.

  • Define the criteria for choosing your parents
  • Visit several senior residences to compare them
  • Opt for professional advice to choose the right senior residence

There are many reasons why your parents have to vacate or change their home. They may feel lonely, their home has become too big, or they want to remain independent while having more comfort and security.

Accepting Change

Generally, seniors are forced to choose their senior residence with help from their adult children. Many of them have to be forced to move out of the house that they are accustomed to living in. However, for the most part, once the adult children explain the need to do so, most seniors will accept that change is best for them. The adult kids help them in their reflection, accompany them during the visits or bring them to the final decision.

Making the Choice

There are several things you need to know to make the right choice. It is advised that you create a list that should include all the essential criteria for your parents. List them by priority. As a general rule, a dozen criteria is the minimum required.

The Criteria

It is not easy to find the right accommodation, but by making a list you can find the rare pearl for your parents and save time.

Among the criteria you can take into account is:

  • the location of the senior residence (is it well established in the city?)
  • the distance from home to you (do your parents want to get closer?)
  • the various à la carte services to which your parents can subscribe (catering, well-being, beauty or hairdressing salon…)
  • the amount of activities and animations offered each month
  • the variety of common areas (gym, library, catering, swimming pool …)
  • the types of apartments (the size can vary from T1, T2, T3, and even pavilion …)

Visiting the Facility

The first step is essential to filter your searches. Visiting senior residences is the second step. It allows you to visualize where your parents will live and help them make a choice. You can meet the staff, judge for yourself the quality of the welcome, or learn more about the seniority of the residence. In addition, by visiting the premises, your parents can better discern the quality of the services: (the choice of furniture, the personalization or not of the accommodation). Also, you have a better idea of the type of people living in senior residences. Always remember to ask for documentation at the residence that you can consult with your parents to discuss. You may want to try assisted living in Saint Petersburg FL, if your loved one lives in the vicinity.

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