How Do You Know If A Sapphires Is Real?

The Precious Gemstones Sapphires, whether blue sapphires or yellow sapphires are possibly the only gemstone kind that need no introduction in the wonderful world of gemstones. Even a novice with a limited understanding of gemstones may declare crucial facts about sapphires, such as the origin of high-quality sapphires. However, understanding only the basics of sapphires is insufficient if you intend to purchase one.

Sapphires are one of the most valuable, expensive, and attractive gemstones, with an ever-increasing global demand. When looking to get an original blue sapphire, you should be well-informed and equipped with the essential expertise, as a lack of information can lead to you falling into the hands of fraudsters.  The main question here is how to know if a sapphire is Real. What are the many methods for determining the genuineness of a yellow sapphire gemstone with pinpoint accuracy?

In this comprehensive and enthralling blog post, we have included all potential ways to determine if a sapphire is Real or not. Some approaches are extremely accurate, while others are less accurate but more credible. So the next time someone asks you how to determine whether a sapphire is Original or you want to buy an authentic sapphire stone, you won’t fumble or fall into the trap of fraudsters.

How To Tell The Sapphire Is Real Or Not?

After putting gemstone knowledge and research skills to the ultimate test, we have curated different effective methods that clearly state whether a blue sapphire gemstone is real. Let’s understand them one by One.

Breath Test on Sapphire Gemstone

By far the simplest technique to determine whether or not a sapphire stone is genuine. When analyzing the qualities of natural sapphires, it is clear that sapphires are excellent heat conductors. It means that if moisture is piled on the surface of a sapphire stone, it will speed up the evaporation process.

To conduct a breath test, you must blow forcefully on the blue sapphire gemstone to introduce enough moisture to the surface. Check how long it takes for the moisture to evaporate. If the duration is less than three seconds, the sapphire is most likely genuine. A sapphire stone is an imitation if the time required exceeds conventional timing.

Light Test on Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphire gemstones are well-known for their brilliant hue and consistent dispersion of color. The light test is one of the most reliable techniques to determine whether or not a sapphire stone is genuine. This test requires a bright light source and a gemstone. Turn off the light in your room and point the flashlight at the sapphire.

If it mirrors the color of the stone, it is a genuine gemstone. If the test shows an inconsistent hue, it is a clear indication that the gemstone is false. However, the precision of this gemstone is not considered to be excellent.

Check for Air Bubbles on Sapphire Gemstone

Small flaws in the stone are frequently used to identify fake diamonds. Under bright light, carefully examine the sapphire stone, tilting and turning it to collect light from all sides. Examine the inside with a jeweler’s loupe; any tiny air pockets or bubbles trapped within are a dead giveaway that the gem is an imitation rather than a true precious stone.

The existence of these air pockets suggests that the Original white sapphire gem was most likely manufactured artificially in a lab rather than organically growing underground overages. Inspecting a fake under magnification and light might show production defects.

Where To Buy An Original Sapphire Gemstone?

The Sapphires are precious Gemstones Category and come in very different colors like Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Purple Sapphire, White Sapphire, and so many other sapphires. Every sapphire gemstone is ruled By different planets such as Blue Sapphire is ruled by the planet Saturn and yellow Sapphire is Ruled By planet Jupiter and so on.

The Blue Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire is a precious Gemstone in the Sapphire Category and Both Gemstone also a member of the Navratan. You can buy Original Sapphires From the Rashi Ratan Bhgaya. They have been the loose Gemstone Wholesaler since 1985, and deals in gemstones like Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Hessonite and so many other precious and Semi-precious Gemstone at the wholesale price in the gemstone world and also get the certificate of authenticity.

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