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Retail pharmacy workers talking out after nationwide walkout movement to oppose unsafe working illnesses

Pharmacy employees all through america held a nationwide walkout Monday to protest continuous understaffing, minimal pay and working conditions that endanger the safety of the 2 workforce and purchasers. The walkout, which focused on nonunion pharmacies at retailers these as CVS, Walgreens and Objective, is an expression of seething anger between wellbeing remedy workers, who’ve been questioned for 2 a few years to shoulder the burden of an unmanaged pandemic with few if any extra sources. . Healthy Food Choices

CVS/pharmacy on Garrett Street in Durham, NC. [Credit: Ildar Sagdejev/Wikimedia Commons]

Necessary requires encompass an end to dangerously very low staffing phases, a discount in pressured beyond regular time, and elevated wages, specifically for pharmacy consultants and clerks, who typically make as minimal as $15 an hour.

As of this producing, it’s mysterious how a number of complete pharmacists, pharmacy consultants and pharmacy clerks walked off the occupation. The measurement of the strike movement, which has been largely blacked out within the capitalist push to date, is hard to resolve, as quite a few workers have possible opted to not publicly announce their participation due to to concern of retaliation from administration. Nevertheless, social media postings by pharmacists and different pharmacy personnel make obvious their deep perseverance to battle in the direction of insupportable issues. Food & Cooking

The hashtag #pizzaisnotworking has develop right into a social media rallying cry for quite a few pharmacy personnel, denouncing token endeavours this kind of as free pizza made use of by administration as a meaningless gesture to workers they pressure to maintain on being on the job for inhuman hours at a breakneck fee of perform.

Bled Marchall Tanoe, the pharmacist who began off the #pizzaisnotworking hashtag, spoke to the WSWS on the conditions dealing with pharmacists. Tanoe employed to be a retail pharmacist at Walgreens however left her process quite a lot of months into the pandemic simply after years of tension and abuse.

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