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‘I Can’t Watch Any person in Ache’

Lenie Ford was within the worst ache of her life when she arrived at her space pharmacy, however was unable to amass her permitted therapy. The nice factor is, a variety-hearted worker was working on the exhausting money sign-up.

“I used to be in truly thee worst ache. I couldn’t type a thought,” Lenie from Santa Barbara instructed GNN. “Even buying a baby hurt fewer.”

It was June 4 when she attained the CVS pharmacy at 3939 Level out Road and realized she didn’t have the “piece of paper from the emergency room” telling her she was briefly lined for the drugs to deal with her tooth an infection.

“I solely had about 4 bucks on me. I mainly broke down, and cried.”

“This extraordinarily warmth pharmacist noticed my agony simply engulfing me. Which is after I heard her say, softly, with considerably kindness, ‘l’ll go over it.’”

Pharmacy technician Verena Harris then reached above the counter and swiped her particular person customized credit score rating card, and paid out in complete for the antibiotics.

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Lenie was past grateful: “I can say with good humble thanks how considerably I undoubtedly appreciated the sort, very beneficiant present from this very best stranger.”

Verena Harris – copyright GNN

We requested Ms. Harris, who’s labored on the pharmacy for 12 a long time, whether or not or not she had accomplished this sort of issue earlier than. She appeared throughout the place with a wise, understanding search, and nodded her head. “Yea.”

“Some women and men simply will want assist,” she reported. “I can’t take a look at anybody in soreness like that.”

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We desired to reimburse Verena for Lenie’s prescription—which she acknowledged was about $15 or $20—but she adamantly refused. “Completely not.” She repeated it two occasions.

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